Mora Grows Seed Library is open!

As we arrived at the Mora Valley Spinning Mill, many others were pouring from their cars, ready to help set up tables, organize seeds into categories, keep the fire going, and display the food. The SeedBroadcast Station crew and their retrofitted bread van were already there! Some came from Las Vegas, others from Taos, Anton Chico, and Santa Fe.

Many came and went through the day, yet the feelings of warmth and excitement lingered in the air. We learned ancient, forgotten planting techniques, we listened to each other’s intentions and dreams for the world, we shared food and hot herbal tea from La Sierra Farm: their home-canned goods were a total success! We had a couple of prizes to give away. Barry Doucette, from Taos, took questions about permaculture, and Nalina shared about her new organic and heirloom seed company: She talked to us about the importance of the anti-fracking movement for farmers, and gardeners. There was a feeling of playfulness, and human warmth that we did not anticipate.

Unfortunately, the movie was not shown due to a lack of a sound system. We will schedule a time for this showing in the future. We are committed to spreading the news about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and the ravages associated with such foods.

Everyone left with pockets and bags filled with seeds, some local, many organic, quite a few were heirloom varieties. Many are writing, expressing their gratitude, telling us that they felt rejuvenated, and honored to be a part of such a wonderful group of individuals.

Ruth Fort came and she took some photos of the event: she has written an article for The Optic that will be published this week! Thank you, Ruth! Make sure to look at the SeedBroadcast website, for they will have your interviews and seed stories up very soon! Thank you, SeedBroadcast! We are very grateful to everyone for showing up, for your support. We are also grateful for the Mora Valley Spinning Mill and Tapetes de Lana’s willingness to host our seed library.

We are planning a “start swap” in four weeks from now: keep an eye out for fliers around town, and e-mails will be sent out. There will be another seed swap at the Sangre de Cristo Livestock and Garden Growers Association, on the 13th of April, at the Mora Independent Schools administration building. The meeting begins at 10 am, and there is always good food afterwards – potluck style.

Upon Marleny’s return from Seed Saving School, April 7-12th, we will schedule seed saving classes. Make sure to send us an e-mail if you are interested:

As we were getting ready to leave, an employee from the Mora Valley Ranch Supply store came with hundreds of packets of seeds – a loving donation that is already being put to good use. Thank you Mora Valley Ranch Supply!

Grow your plants, save some seed: at the end of the season we could have a celebration and return seeds to the library, or you could just return them to our box at Tapetes when you are in town. Ideally, we would return twice as many as we borrowed: this would make our library into a rather plump one! Any excess seeds we could donate to sister seed libraries, or help other towns start their own. The Mora Valley, with its fertile earth, and clean water, deserves to become the seed production capital of the Southwest. This is one way to create heaven on earth!

Spring is around the corner!


Mora Grows Seed Library Kickoff

Mora Grows Seed Library Kickoff

Mora Grows Seed Library Kickoff

“Everything – but everything – on Earth, every blade of grass,
every insect, has been created for Man*”

– Anastasia.

Could this be true? If it is, what does it mean to become true stewards of the precious gift that is the Earth? Come and let us explore these questions together!

Come one, come all! March 23rd looks really promising! Your are cordially invited to the Mora Grows Seed Library opening: bring your favorite organic, heirloom, and native seeds to share. Don’t forget to include information with your seed envelopes: where did you obtain the initial seed stock, was it grown organically, dates, and all the other fun facts that make a seed’s life interesting. Tell us your seed story!

Where: Tapetes de Lana is located on the corner of HWY 518 & HWY 434, in Mora, NM. Tapetes is the local wool mill, and co-op for artists, weavers, potters, and much more. Teas and coffee are served in their recently born Coffee Barn. Their phone number: (575) 387-2247. Visit their website: for more information. Tapetes’ gallery features local weavings, rugs, paintings, photographs, post cards, soaps, salves, body butter, crocheted items, knitted items, scarves, hats, bini’s, purses, pottery, jewelry, retablos, butos, crosses, candles, New Mexican salsa, local jellies, and much more! They offer a 40% factory discount on all in-stock fiber, yarn, warp, and roving.

The folks from will be at the library kickoff, filming, and interviewing. Come see their retrofitted bread van: a mobile seed library!

Ancient seed planting techniques will be shared: ancient civilizations knew how to transfer their DNA to a seed, sharing their bodily makeup with it, the seed in turn would alter its own genetic makeup in order to produce the chemicals and nutrients needed by the person who planted it. Scientist Barbara McClintock, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, 1983, discovered transposable elements in plants, commonly known as “jumping genes”: a plant’s ability to alter itself, a response to surrounding information. Come and learn how to do it at home: your plants will develop the medicine that is right for you, healing your body!

We will have a potluck for those who wish to stay after the seed exchange, to share and learn from each other. Some food and drinks will be provided by the organizers of the event. We are urging any artists, artisans, or small business owners to bring their wares – let us know who you are and what you do in the world! Bring your business cards, catalogs, and fliers – come prepared to talk about your intentions and dreams.

Enjoy a brief introduction to GMO (genetically modified organisms) and the ravages associated with this pervasive technology. Learn what you can do to protect yourself, your seeds, and your neighborhood.

9 – 11 am: Orientation and seed exchange.
11 – 11:30: Showing of wares, sharing of information.
11:30 – 12:30: Potluck – bring a dish if you feel inspired to do so.
12:30 – Showing Genetic Roulette movie, by Jeffrey Smith. Learn more about his work at:

Watch the movie trailer:

“In exposing the bullying and deceit of the biotech industry, Jeffrey Smith’s mesmerizing film shines a bright light of hope that we can reclaim our health and our food systems. Meticulously documented, thoroughly comprehensive, and rivetingly presented, this is more than an adventure story with intense drama and high stakes. It is in fact one of the most important stories ever told. Watch it and be galvanized, inspired, and engaged. Then tell everyone you know.”

– John Robbins, author of Diet for a New America, Founder and Board Chair Emeritus of EarthSave International

*The word “Man” is translated from the Russian, where “Man” is the same as “human being” Find out more about these revealing, and deeply healing books at:

Watch this super-short video put out by California actors, addressing Proposition 37: an attempt to label GMO foods.